Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We are thrilled to have Sarah Hart, national award winning songwriter come to Kitty Hawk on Sunday Jan 31 .

This family event is at 3pm at Holy Redeemer fellowship hall. If Sarah's name sounds familiar maybe it's because half of the material I've recorded on my CDs I'm Not Alone and Let the Door Swing Wide were penned by Sarah, including the title tracks. Come join us for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, bring the family! Tickets are available on this web site. Here is the press release:

Listening to the music of Sarah Hart is a transforming experience. Put any of her recordings on your player and you’re immediately hooked by her sweet, compelling voice. Follow the lyrics, and you become immersed in the spirituality and honesty of a seeker who helps us discover the God who walks with us in our daily lives. Sarah’s lively, contemporary blending of folk, pop and rock welcomes and delights listeners from every age and background.Sarah is currently a staff songwriter for EMI-CMG Music in Nashville, TN and Spirit And Song in Portland, OR. Her songs have been recorded by numerous artists such as: Robbie Seay, Matt Maher, 33 Miles, This Beautiful Republic, Sarah Reeves and Jaime Jamgochian. Her music has appeared in the television shows “Joan of Arcadia” and “Strong Medicine”, and most recently in the new film “Coyote County Loser”. Her songs can be found in print in almost every Catholic church in the U.S. Sarah has also penned music for two musicals, and works as a songwriter and voiceover artist with the Tom Tichenor Children’s Theater in Nashville, TN. She is the recipient of six Unity awards for her work.

At events, Sarah’s love for music and ministry intersect in amazing ways. As an artist with Spirit and Song, Sarah travels all over the United States and the world. Her special passion for women’s ministry has prompted her to write the first two of what will likely be several retreats for women, which she carries to parishes as a mission. She performs at such events as NCYC, LA Congress, and World Youth Day, as well as churches and colleges; and she loves performing at such small venues as The Bitter End and The Bluebird CafĂ©.

Sarah’s newest recording, “SaintSong”, highlights the texts and lives of twelve Saints; she studied the texts and wrote contemporary music to their brilliant thoughts. The enhanced CD includes a devotional book penned by Sarah.

Sarah’s favorite “job” is that of wife and mom to her two young daughters.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I can see the light...sorta...tis a busy season...wishes for peace within your circle of friends and family this season. Thank you hugs to all who sent emails and cards...great to hear from everyone!

Bobbi & Ed Beckley volunteer for the Salvation Army every year and sent this with a note that they were dancing to my A Christmas to Remember CD while collecting. They win the "most creative way to use my music for the community" award! Thanks Bobbi & Ed for all you do!
With the in-stores, privates parties and masses behind me, I'm working on material for the new CD (release date April/May 2010). We were in Nashville a week before Christmas (who's in charge of scheduling!?) cutting instrumental tracks so I can practice before hitting the studio again Jan 11...so that's what I'm doing...in my "free" time (HA!) & in my sleep! This CD has some beautiful tunes on it and is really taking on a life of it's own.
Many have asked about the recording process - it is VERY different than a "live" performance. Singing to walls that don't give back any energy can be grueling but I have found that with the right attitude and energy of my own it is well worth it. I have been working with my producer, Kenny Royster and most of my studio musicians for 10+ years recording all of my projects with them. We have a 5 piece core band: drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard and bass. They put tracks down in 3 hours sessions, usually 10-1pm, 2-5pm and 6-9pm depending on how many songs and their complexity. That is done on Monday. Tuesday I usually have my auxilary crew in: acoustic guitar, keyboards and stand-up bass, cello, violin, harmonica, saxophone - not all in the same time frame ie guitar & keyboard, bass 10-12pm, cello & violin 12-2pm again depending on the songs and arrangements. Remember these musicians do this for their living: they read, eat and sleep music so laying down tracks to what sounds like a complicated song can take less than an hour for most songs. When I go back to do vocals, I'm in the studio 10am-10pm, singing, listening, drinking lots of coffee & water! and tweaking, tweaking and tweaking...when I'm done with my vocals I bring in my backup vocalists. On this project, I have my 4 who I've used on past projects: Kim, Vicki, Robert and Kim (Yes 2 Kims NOT including me) and I have my bassist, Dave Francis doing some vocal parts. Dave did some parts on my CD Moonlight (the first project I did with the gang). All of these musicians are AWESOME and I truly value their gifts and friendships. After the vocals are done, the mixing begins and THAT is tedious!! It is usually a week long process & could be longer...my ears are usually fried and I drive back to the beach in silence (13 hour drive from Nashville). It then goes through various manufacturing stages before getting to the customer: mastering, graphics, packaging, shipping. Every artist has their own process depending on financial resources and time, but this works for me. Yes a labor of love...so when people buy the new CD and then come back a month later and ask when the next one will be out I do have to laugh...it's like giving birth: do you really want to do that again in less than a year? Between researching material and the actual project, it really does take about a year or longer from start to finish.
New Years Eve will take me to Williamsburg for their First Night celebration this year...I'm excited to see old friends and meet some new folks! Beyond that I'm still at Bagels to Beef in Southern Shores when I'm in town (check the calendar) and Holy Redeemer and Holy Trinity...Florida the end of Feb where I'll be at The Villages (Church on the Square). I'm looking to book churches in the area so if you're interested please email or call.
Thank you for your emails, calls and notes...I love to sing, but I love singing for you!
Be safe, stay warm...see you in 2010

Monday, November 16, 2009

well thank God for the sun! The Outer Banks has had more than our share of H2O...there are still "ponds" all over with side streets closed and unaccessible...drove up to Wilmington DE on Friday and hit all I left in OBX on the way BUT the show was worth it. The jazz band from Tatnall High is excellent under the direction of Jonathan Whitney (Mr J) and my string ensemble and "Divas" choir really did their homework and added a wonderful flavor of warmth and depth to our theme song for the show "You Raise Me Up."

I was delayed in traffic/weather and got to the school for a 15 minute rehearsal...that's incredible!! Thank yous to Christina Von Duyke, string & vocal director, Jonathan Whitney & Wilson Somers, music directors...and Deb Piper from Nativity Prep and the Salesian High School Marching Band! :) I hope to be back in the area next year if not before. The school itself is beautiful with an awesome performing arts center. Thanks to the community for making the commitment to the arts!
This was sent to me via email...it's by Phillip Moffitt...Happy Thanksgiving:

Gratitude… the sweetest of all the practices… mindfulness of gratitude leads to a direct experience of being connected to life... to the realization that there is a larger context in which your personal story is unfolding.

Cultivating thankfulness for being part of life, blossoms into a feeling of being blessed… an appreciation for the interdependent nature of life… being consciously grateful to family, friends, teachers, benefactors and to all who have come before you who have made it possible for your existence to be comfortable, informed, and empowered.

Gratitude elicits feelings of generosity… creating further joy… softening a heart… building the capacity for forgiveness… meeting life with an open heart… in each moment as it arises.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

inquiring minds want to know...

Many, many! have been inquiring so I'm happy to announce 2010 will bring a new Christian CD to my offerings...I will be in the studio December and January between holidays with a release scheduled for May 2010. I am in the middle of music selection/rehearsal/arrangements...it's not titled yet but I'm sure that will change soon.

Thank you for your inquiries and support!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

catch up

Well once again it has been too long since I've blogged...now that it's getting chilly, I realized the other day it is November so I've got some catching up to do! September and October are always busy wedding months...and if Mother Nature cooperates, gorgeous...& she did!

Taste of Edenton was a beautiful night on the water in downtown historic Edenten...great food!! and lots of folks who had a fun-filled evening...if you are in the area, put it on your calendar for next September. That same afternoon I was at the Christian Bookseller in downtown Edenten...wonderful store...I'll be there again Dec 18 Friday (time to be announced but most likely in the afternoon) for the holiday festivities.
Finding Your Passion workshop: Thank you to those who participated...it was a nice day, intimate, casual as we moved it to a home donated for the day on the beach road (thank you D!).
Thank you also to the community at large who were my sounding board before the workshop (Val & Marion!) & to those who were supportive in prayer even though they couldn't participate. I did get something out of it for my own personal use as well as left over pasta from lunch! Thank you Quianna Grace Frost for leading us through the day. A few of us celebrated at the Beach Bread Company that night after my set...was a fun day!
I have been asked by several people when the next workshop will be...I currently do not have any plans as I have a few other projects I'm working on...but we'll see where the spirit take me on this. I have been asked to do a workshop at the Women's Expo March 26 2010 at COA Manteo Campus sponsored by the Dare County Business & Professional Women's Chapter.
I'm also still booking Living Room Concerts especially for the holidays which may include a sing-a-long section...visit the link on the web site for more info.
Coming up in November the fund raiser for animal welfare organizations at the Aquarium in Manteo Friday Nov 20 6pm.
Next Friday Nov 13 I'll be in Wilmington, DE for a fundraiser concert for the Nativity Prep School (we did a fundraiser in May at Holy Redemeer for them). Tickets are still available. Joining me that night will be the Tatnall High School Jazz ensemble, womens chorus and string ensemble. Check my web site calendar for info.
I'll also be at Festival of Trees this year at the Pearl at the Sea Ranch Hotel in Kill Devil Hills Saturday Dec 5...an annual fundraiser for Hot Line...always a fun few days and for a great organization!
New Years Eve is just around the corner & I will be at First Night in Williamsburg, VA ...
and one item for next year: SARAH HART a wonderful singer/songwriter whose material you hear at church and on my Christian CDs will be joining us January 31st, Sunday 3pm at Holy Redeemer in Kitty Hawk. Tickets will be available on the web site or by calling me. For those of you who have enjoyed my music and CDs, this is a great opportunity to meet the writer and hear her versions and material from her other CDs (Christian and folk). Check out Sarah's web site for more info: www.sarahhartmusic.com...hope you can make it!
til we meet again - stay warm, take time out for friends & family...God bless!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

my summer time back up vocalists

I met Marion about 3 summers ago at Millers...she comes each year with family to enjoy the Outer Banks beauty, good food at Millers and wonderful music on the deck! Marion is writing a book which should be out BEFORE her next visit to OBX...we'll keep you posted on the final copy availability. Good luck Marion!
Tale of the Whale is a most scenic venue...the water, the light house off in the distance, the water fowl, the people...ahh yes the people. Occasionally folks will bring friends and make a night of it on the gazebo...that's exactly what this group did the week before the season ended...a beautiful evening inspired them to join me on all the songs they knew singing back ups on material especially from my CD of standards, AT LAST: Slow Boat to China was the favorite! Thank you Barbara, Gladys, Mary Ellen, and Dee!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

End of our Summer Concert Series

Vocalist Scott Hopkin, keyboardist Carolyn
Hopkin & Kim Kalman
Christian Rap artist, NOTE & Kim Kalman
Kim Kalman & saxophonist Pastor DeCarmo
from Bay View Chapel in Stumpy Point
Bill Pitt from ICO, Kim Kalman & Marilyn Canning,
Beach Food Pantry

Last night was the last of our Christian Music Summer Concert Series for the '09 season. Over the course of 8 evening performances we had approximately 450 attendees who contributed $1020 to our "love offering" which was split 50-50 and presented to its recipients last night: Marilyn Canning from the Beach Food Pantry and Bill Pitt from ICO (Interfaith Community Outreach). We enlisted the talents of 8 other Christian artists who blessed us with their material, energy and time. I am humbled and honored to be part of such a generous community. Thank you to all who supported us this summer. See you in 2010!

Connie the blue heron & white egret were doing "the dance" without you tonight at Millers! missed ya!!



Thursday, August 27, 2009

beautiful music for our wedding ceremony...


Thank you so much for providing us w/such beautiful music for our wedding ceremony. You have the most beautiful voice and the songs you sang hold such great meaning to us. You helped to make our wedding day all the more special by being a part of it. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Sara & Tom Longstretch
Sara & Tom were married on the pier in Manteo July 24. Congratulations Sara & Tom!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where has the summer gone?! Just a few more weeks 'til we start winding down...
Bagels to Beef has become quite the networking spot: we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, life and death, introduce new neighbors...very neat...come have a bagel & coffee and enjoy life!

We saw dolphins at Millers on the waterfront last night...a first for me at that venue...they swam right off the gazebo.

The Jarvisburg Church of Christ Praise & Worship band, headed up by Gene Berry along with members Michele on guitar, Eric on guitar, Kim on flute, George on guitar, Bob on bass, Brian on drums, Donna on guitar & Kevin on sound did a wonderful job of raising the roof on Monday at our Christian Music Concert Series...thank you to all for sharing talents & time...& unloading & loading 2 trucks worth of equipment!! I was impressed with the mix...good job Kev! They will be at the ICO Family Festival at the Church of Christ in Jarvisburg Saturday Sept 12 ...check out the ICO web site (www.interfaithcommunityoutreach.org) for more info on this or call 480-0070. It's a fund raiser..all are welcome!

Christian Rap artist, Nick Jenkins aka NOTE

This Monday August 31 at Holy Trinity will be the last Monday scheduled for the concert series. "Note" will be back along with some special musical guests performing with me and on their own: Pastor DeCarmo from Stumpy Point Bay View Chapel on saxophone, Carolyn Hopkin (keyboardist) and Scott (vocalist) and who knows who else will show up! We will be presenting ICO and our local Food Pantry with donations of $500 each (raised through our "love offerings" from the series). I am so excited to be able to do this on behalf of our volunteer musicians and all the folks who came to enjoy the music. Thank you to all involved for sharing talent and to all who supported us...God is smiling upon you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kiss of the Egret

For those who remember the "kiss of the egret" last summer at Miller's on the Waterfront, the egret is back! and has a mate!! not to worry, the fishing line was removed so no more romantic encounters with my feathered friend.

Last night at Holy Trinity we had a great turnout for the Christian Music Summer Concert Series!

NOTE, our Christian rapper, did a terrific presentation of his new self titled CD and Curtis Campbell had us crying and laughing with tunes from his various CDs. Thank you to all for sharing and blessing the evening with your talents and presence. Next week the praise and worship band from Jarvisburg Church of Christ will be joining us, same place and time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellen & Ron!

Well these newlyweds (just kidding) celebrated their birthdays a week a part at Bagels to Beef with the gang this week AND last week! of course no one told me ahead of time so I couldn't bone up on Melancholy Baby for Ron...next year Ron! And to top it off, we had a surprise visit from Fr Jim! A good time was had by all - thanks for the brownies Ellen!!

Strumming in the sun

24/7 yes that's my summer motto...it's been great to see old friends and meet new ones and visit with family, and be surrounded by beautiful sunsets, dolphins and osprey... I am one blessed musician! It's August and we still have some fun gigs coming up: the Froggy Dog Aug 10, the Whalehead Club Wine Festival Aug 19, the Christian Music Summer Concert Series August 17 & 24, Taste of Edenton Sept 11, along with my weekly venues: Tale of the Whale, Millers on the Waterfront, Ortegaz Grill, Beach Bread Company and Bagels to Beef. We've celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and just plain fun times!

The Christian Music Summer Concert Series: last week we featured our first local Christian Rap artist, NOTE ...it was his very first time on stage and he has produced his first CD: No One's Tough Enough with some original material. We're proud of you Nick...continued blessings on your ministry!! We also had some tunes shared by Nick Hodsdon, local musician- minister-story teller-historian, who did some instrumentals and sing-a-longs. "Thank you!" to both for sharing!

On Aug 17 NOTE will be back along with Curtis Campbell, vocalist/guitarist/minister.

On August 24 the Jarvisburg Church of Christ Praise Band will be with us! (this will be the last evening scheduled ...stay tuned for 2010 schedule!) Thanks to all who have been sooo supportive of all the venues and events...you're the best!

Upcoming events: more info to come but put these on your calendar!!
Oct 24 Saturday 8am-4pm Finding Your Passion: spiritually & creatively
a workshop for women @ the Hilton Garden Inn in Kitty Hawk.

Jan 31 2010 Sunday 3pm: singer/songwriter SARAH HART IN CONCERT @ Holy Redeemer church, Kitty Hawk

Feb 19-21 A weekend retreat at the beach for women only

May 27 2010 Thursday: Concert of Hope Holy Redeemer Church 7pm

and...rumor has it that there may be a new Christian CD in the works with a May release date

Come say "HI" next time you're in town at a venue or church...we're booking for the fall so if you're interested in me coming to your church, singing for a wedding or a living room concert, please contact me via email kim@kimkalman.com or call 252-441-2555

If Winston answers, tell him if he takes the message correctly, there's a treat in it for him!

Thanks from Chicago!

Janice & her family came to Millers this summer to say "Hi." We had exchanged emails last year so it was nice to put a face to the name! Janice is a teacher and is involved in her church's music ministry: a double hats off to Janice...thank you Janice for all you do!

Hi Kim, Thanks for adding to our great week in OBX. Your ministry has definitely touched my life. I've been in the music ministry for nearly 30 years, first in PA, a couple of years in SC (during grad school) and now at St. John Neumann parish in St. Charles, IL. Our group has done several of the songs on your CD's, including "God With Us", "Sweet Redeemer", and "So We Will Worship". In past groups, I've also done "Surely", "Holy Is His Name" (a favorite of mine) and "Wonderful, Merciful Savior." I'm also in a CRHP formation team currently, and I plan to share your gift with these ladies as well. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Janice Krouse

Monday, June 15, 2009

Christian Music Summer Concert Series kick-off


Tonight was the kick off of the Christian Music Summer Concert Series...about 50 energized folks came...was fun, exciting, Italian (thank you Fr Fitz!), ecumenical as we had a good mix from our community...and we celebrated Jeanette & Charles Anderson's 63rd wedding anniversary!  Help us spread the word by talking it up out there.  Our "love offering" is donated to ICO and our local Food Bank.  We've got interest from other churches so let's pray that the spirit moves them...literally!!

To all who came...thanks for making it a "good place" evening!  The next scheduled date is next Monday June 22, 7-8pm at Holy Trinity in Nags Head...bring a friend!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

summer is here!


I'm busy, hot & a year older...& wiser??...time will tell on that last one...thanks to my friends at Bagels to Beef who helped me bring in the new year w/a rousing rendition of the birthday tune & cake! 

Lots of weddings and seasonal gigs kicking in...all your favorites: Millers on the Waterfront, Tale of the Whale, Bagels to Beef, Beach Bread Company, Ortega'z Grill, Meridian 42, Hilton Garden Inn, Froggy Dog, Whalehead Wine Festival & Sunset Concert, Town of Duck Sunset Concert...I may be missing a few so check my web calendar...and of course Holy Redeemer & Holy Trinity...and new this year I'm hosting the Christian Music Summer Concert Series at Holy Trinity 7-8pm selected Monday evenings...again check the calendar.
I'm starting to book for the fall so if you have any venues, festivals or churches or church events ie retreats/workshops, you'd like me to explore, please email me kim@kimkalman.com...also booking weddings for 2010.
October 24 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kitty Hawk we will be holding a retreat day for women: Finding your passion : spiritually & creatively...more info to come as it's available...the day will include speakers, activities and local artist vendors...if you are interested in a vendor spot please contact me ASAP.
I'm off to sing...see ya in the sun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Concert of Hope a success!

Well we did it! We raised over $3000, had close to 200 attendees...had a good vibe on the street the next day and people are still talking about it! Thank you to all who gave time & talent: Barbara Roche, Susan Cheney, Leslie Erickson, Stephanie Peppler, Dan Martier, Pat Cahill of Coastal Impressions and Metro Rentals, the Holy Redeemer Choir and Joanne Gregory...there has been talk of making this an annual event...will keep you posted on that!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Raise Me Up: A Concert of Hope!

My first concert of ALL Christian material from I'M NOT ALONE and LET THE DOOR SWING WIDE in the Outer Banks...this is a benefit and will include the efforts of my music buds: our own violinist Leslie Erickson, cellist Stephanie Peppler and percussionist Dan Martier (yes, Laura's hubby). We will be taping this for DVD release at some point. Please read the release below for additional info and feel free to contact Susan or me for more info....and PLEASE COME!! It's the Thursday of Memorial Day Weekend.

For Immediate Release:
National recording artist, Kim Kalman, will perform songs from her contemporary Christian CDs, I’m Not Alone and Let the Door Swing Wide on Thursday, May 21, 2009,
7PM at Holy Redeemer by the Sea Fellowship Hall. Joining Kim for the evening will be violinist, Leslie Erickson, national touring percussionist, Dan Martier, cellist, Stephanie Peppler, and members of the Holy Redeemer Choir. All performers will donate their time and talents to raise money for the Outer Banks Partner Scholarship for the Nativity Preparatory School in Wilmington, Delaware.

The Nativity Preparatory ( HYPERLINK "http://www.nativitywilmington.org" www.nativitywilmington.org) educates low income boys of ALL faiths, grades fifth through eighth. All students attend the school tuition-free and are selected based on their demonstrated superior discipline and work ethics. The school was opened in 2003 by the Oblates of St Francis de Sales, an order of priests. The staff of teachers and coaches works along with the Oblates on a volunteer basis.

What does the Nativity Preparatory School have to do with the Outer Banks? Susan Cheney-O’Connell, a member of Holy Redeemer by the Sea Catholic Church in Kitty Hawk, began the scholarship fund for Nativity Prep in February 2009 with encouragement from the Pastor Father Bill Walsh. "I taught school in a New Jersey ghetto community after college and realized only education solves the poverty challenge. My 30 years of military service reinforced my belief. Because our parish priests are Oblates, I realized I had found a volunteer activity that resonated with my personal beliefs."

There are over 50 Nativity model schools in cities throughout the US - 90% of their graduates finish high school, 80% complete college. The Nativity model transforms individuals who wind up transforming communities because the whole community becomes invested in the transformation process. In essence, the cycle of poverty, crime and underachievement is replaced with the cycle of challenge, structure and success.

"In reaching out beyond our own community, we are taking positive steps in bettering our county and hence our world" says Kim.

All proceeds benefit the school. Tickets are $10 and are available through Susan Cheney (441-1575), Holy Redeemer Church (261-4700)and www.PrayerThroughMusic.com.

Address and Email updates

My computer system recently experienced a "hard drive crash." Any mailing or email addresses that were added since March 1 through April 15 of this year were lost. If you attended any shows ie Florida in Feb or March or ordered cds during that time and would like to be added to my list, please fill out the form on my web site or email me with your info. Thank you for your assitance!

Reston rendezvou

I made it to Northern Virginia in record time on Wednesday (yes my truck has wings).
St John Nuemann Church is beautiful...we had a nice warm crowd of wonderful listeners...and singers (good job folks!), some of whom I'd met at the beach in previous summers....will definitely revisit...thank you CJ for your hospitality (good luck with your organ lessons). Thursday I stopped to see Patrick Kane and his buds at the Inova Cameron Glen Care Center...we did some dancing, some joking, some singing...good time had by all...love those fuzzy, pink feet Sibella! I'll be back for bingo next time! Susan Kane arranged for me to sing at Cafe Mortmartre later that evening ...set on Lake Anne this is a beautiful replica of an Italian villa....great food, more dancing (go Lori and Bob) and singing...happy birthday to Wa, George and Bob. Thank you Ann and staff for a very nice evening. Next time you're in Reston go have dinner and tell Ann I send my regards.
Needless to say, my pillow was a very welcome site....
off to Manassas tonight...come join me!

Monday, April 20, 2009

St Theresa's Prayer

This was sent to me by my dear friends Connie & Bill with a beautiful photo of multi colored flowers...love the prayer, goes along with Francis deSales saying "great occassions for serving God come seldom, but little ones suround us daily"...thanks Connie & Bill!
Saint Theresa's Prayer
May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be confident knowing you are a child of God.

I'm off to St Stephen's in Chesapeake, VA tonight to celebrate prayer through music!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kim & her friends

When I was a kid we lived in an area of northern New Jersey that was still farm country. When we drove pass the dairy farms with all the dairy cows out in the pasture, my Dad would always say jokingly: "there's Kim & all her friends" ...I think it was because I liked animals or playing in the mud, not sure which...so when we were visiting our friend, Janet in Asheville, NC a few weeks ago at her 200 acre farm (yes I did manage to get a few days in of R&R) I couldn't resist having my photo taken with, you guessed it, The Cows...if nothing else for my Dad...and NO I did not have my boots on but I will remember for next time! some deep sh...oveling! Thanks Janet! You can visit her website at www.heavenlyhideawaycabin.com to see the estate and book a nice romantic cabin with great views and plenty to do. This photo is of me with Valentine, the newest addition to the family.
Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Just a month ago I was sitting at my desk bored...careful what you wish...now I can't see my desk!! It's Holy week so needless to say I'll be busy with masses at Holy Redeemer and Holy Trinity. It is beautiful at the beach and the dolpins say Hi!
Florida in February was wonderful! The Women's Conference for the Diocese of Orlando had a turnout of about 200 woman...met some terrific woman, all on the same page spiritually...it was very energizing...thank you Winkie and Susie and staff!! I felt very much at home at the Continental Christian Church on Sunday as that was a return visit...great vibe..thank you Chuck and church family! Monday at the Church on the Square in the Villages (a city unto itself) I visited with family and lots of friends...we packed the place! Great venue...if you get to FL, go visit!! I even ran into folks from the old neighborhood in Ironia NJ, the Ameos...nice to see them and catch up...been a while!!
The end of this month into May I will be traveling to Northern Virginia to a variety of venues: churches, restaurants, a festival and living room concert! Check out the calendar on my web site for specific info. I have room for a few other bookings in that week so if you have something in mind, contact me asap (kim@kimkalman.com)
May 21 will be a fundraiser concert at Holy Redeemer for our Oblates schools...put that on your calendar if you're in the area...I'll have a few local musicians joining me ...should be an exciting night...more info to come...
People have been asking about new projects but nothing in the hopper for this season...I actually have a few on the list I'd like to do in the future but haven't set any studio dates yet...you'll be the first to know!
thank you as always for your support...good to hear from everyone...see ya on the road!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Carry Me

Singing at Holy Redeemer during the summer season gives me an opportunity to meet many folks from all over the country. This past summer Laurie Maier from MD came to one of our masses. In January she contacted me requesting lyrics for a song from my CD I'm Not Alone for a Catholic Schools Week prayer service at St Mary's School in MD....the song was Carry Me. I sent her the tracks and she got the lyric off my web site. Today I received a HUGE package with a DVD of the service and alot of thank you cards. The DVD is of the "choir of many" and their version of Carry Me...it warmed my heart! It was great...they did a super job...and made God smile! Thank you Laurie and choir!! Keep singing!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's weekend

A wonderful weekend had by all...Friday I was at Ortega'z in Manteo...great food...we celebrated Carl's birthday (89th), said hi to Sue Waters from Club Violin and Sandy & Fred from Holy Trinity. Saturday I sang at Meridian42 in Southern Shores(under new ownership & a great new classic Italian menu - YUM!) Lots of locals out: Marian & Frank, Val & Tom, John & group, Robin & Kevin from Outer Barks, Sandy & Fred (again!), Mila from the Hilton and of course Michele and Steve & their folks checking out my music for their wedding in May...I got a "2 thumbs up" from Mom & Dad! The teams at both restaurants did a great job...always a little crazy on a holiday. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate
"love" ...good food & drink, good company, good music makes the world go 'round!
I leave next Thurday for Florida for the Orlando Diocesian Women of Faith conference along with some other
appearances (check the web site calendar for specifics). Maybe I'll have time to work on my tan....
see ya soon!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gone to the dogs!


suffice this to say the weather has gone to the dogs...even Tigger is cold! (& she has a 2-3 inch layer of fur under that sweatshirt!)  We are expecting 4- 6 inches of snow here in the Outer Banks!  We only know how to shovel sand!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carmellos in Manassas

Friday evening I sang for the first time at a wonderful family owned restaurant in Manassas called Carmellos.  The atmoshphere was great with the serving area and horseshoe sit down bar in the same room.  My Woodbridge alliance showed up and brought reinforcements!...thanks to Connie and Cami the room was full!  Robyn from William & Mary days who I haven't seen in...whose counting...how many year came w/her Mom & youngest daughter Mia (Rob you missed a fun night!)....good to see all!  One of my new friends brought a fun gift for me:  Colette Iusi designs "girlfriends with attitudes" which is what I'm holding in one of the photos...she even got it down to the covers of my cds!! and Colette has great taste in desserts as you can see from the photo! you can email her at marycshell@hotmail.com if you're interested in her custom "girlfriends" for gifts...as unique as the person you are gifting!  Photos by Eric...thanks Eric for snapping 'em & getting them to me for this blog!  Thank you Northern Virginia for a fun night and thank you to Miguel & Alice at Carmellos for the opportunity.  ~k

Friday, January 9, 2009

first blog of the new year...

Christmas Eve at Holy Redeemer was busy! We did the children’s mass at 5pm... Ashley & team coordinators did a great job... all went well. Then a first - Leslie Erickson (violinist) and I joined the choir for midnight (12pm) mass... coffee is a wonderful thing... Joanne, our choir director, and group sounded great and the addition of guitar & violin really added a warmth... we're looking forward to doing more special masses with the choir! and yes I sang for the 9am mass on Christmas day, came home, made breakfast, did gifts & fell asleep on the couch with Winston my big brown dog... Merry Christmas....

New Years Eve in Williamsburg was cold (it was winter) & great!! Saw lots of folks who remembered me from 1995 (thank you Ryan and Dad) when I sang for the first First Night in Williamsburg... WOW!! Ron Fetner (thank you for the use of your equipment), Dennis Lee & Ron Barnes (his band members) were my alternating act and we had fun! I asked Ron (who plays flute & mandolin,) and Dennis (who plays stand up bass) to join me on the last number of 2 of my sets... a rare treat for me as well as the audience. I hope we can do that again soon... before NYE 2009!

The Outer Banks Wedding Expo is this weekend so I will be busy connecting with brides and grooms to be.

Tonight I'm singing at the GEM's (adult day care center) Harmony Cafe... it's their monthly fundraiser with local musicians, beverages and goodies donated from the community... always good to see everyone and spend time catching up.

There is a new icon on my web site for living room concerts... an intimate setting in your home with friends and great music. Contact me if you're interested... I do travel!

I'll be in Florida doing some singing the last weekend on Feb/first of March... good time to schedule a living room concert!

Next Friday Jan 16 for all those in the Northern VA area I'm at Carmello's in Manassass 7:30-11:30pm. Check my calendar for address and phone.

For all you romantics, I am offering Valentines Day Song-o-grams again this year. Call or email to schedule your song in red.

I'm also offering bulk cd sales for non-profit groups as fundraisers. Again email or call for more info.

See you on the road... good luck with your 2009 resolutions!