Sunday, July 31, 2011

summer time....

It's already August & I still haven't worked on my tan...dang! I have some schedule changes (see the calendar posting) and have some open dates end of August...if you're in the area & would like to schedule a living room concert, call me at 252-441-2555. And since we're talking about living room concerts, these are my favorites...have some family or friends over, add a little food (cheese & wine or desserts or a full dinner) and you have a great memorable evening! Since the economy is what it is, I have a special offer for the rest of the year starting in September, Monday through Friday: cover my travel expense (gas for my truck) and I'm there with guitar and CDs!

Beyond that I found a very dehydrated, hot, unweight dog on Tbursday wondering the back road I live off of...he is still at the vet's...all tests came back negative and he is fixable. He does need a forever home so if you are interested or know anyone who might be, please contact me. He looks like a small shepherd mix (45-50lb range)
and age guess per the vet is 9-10 years. Seems very sweet but we don't know how he is with other animals yet.
We will get him up to par medically before putting him in a home.
hope to see you at an upcoming gig!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Duck songwriter series concert

had a great time in Duck on Tuesday at the new amphitheater! Beautiful stage & surroundings...there's lots going on in Duck so do check it out if you have time to attend something guys really did well considering that was our first time playing together with NO REHEARSAL! Nashville players..gotta love 'em...and turned out that Bob Reames, my steel petal player, knows my good friend & co-writer Debi Champion...small world! I am not your typical country player, nor is my music typical country so for musicians to be able to keep up with chord changes , stops & start...well I was impressed...thank you Greg Jones (drums)...and thank you to Chris our sound man for making us sound GREAt! I've met some folks through out the week who attended and expressed their support and compliments. Thank you Kathy M-Testa for your continued support and the Town of Duck for all they do for local artists!

Mother Nature rained me out at Tale of the Whale last night, but tonight I'm inside at the Dockside Restaurant in Pirate's Cove in Manteo tonight Friday 7:30-10pm...the food is getting rave reviews and the view over the water is beautiful...they have a full bar...and of course great music!
Christian Music Night resumes Monday with Jarvisburg Church of Christ Praise & Worship band...7pm at Good Life Eatery MP 4.5 on the bypass. This group has been with us every year & we always have a great evening with them.
Also on Monday I'm at the South Beach Grill in Nags Head from 3-6pm on their new covered deck...great place to relax.
Don't forget to check out my new CD audio clips of The Early Years and order your copy!
See ya soon!