Monday, April 30, 2012

wireless connections...

One morning last week I started out on my morning walk to the beach with my 4 legged fury walking buddies , Winston & Jake...
We got started earlier than usual and met some neighbors along the way so it took us longer than usual. As we crossed the bypass, my friend Nellie, was turning the corner with a gentleman she was walking with.  As I yelled hello, he went down - down flat and hard.  Nellie acted quickly, he sat up... he went down again - she started CPR, I called 911 which was all I could do with 2 dogs at my side.  While on the phone with 911, police, drive bys & eventually the ambulance all arrived.  Three people, including Nellie, rotated administering CPR.  It did not look good for the man.  All I could do was pray - I was frozen in time: I couldn't move, I couldn't get off the phone because 911 dispatcher told me to stay on until the ambulance arrived, I couldn't physically help.  I finally left the scene almost in tears over what I just witnessed, went to the beach & prayed more...and everyone who asked what happened as I passed I answered "say a prayer" - not just for the man in need, but for all who were helping.

 I saw Nellie at church yesterday who said the man, Thomas, is fine - he had a stent put in.  Everyone involved did a great job & acted without hesitation, including those I asked to pray.  Maybe it wasn't Thomas's time, maybe it was just to bring those who were there together for whatever reason...

 I had no clue until yesterday that Nellie didn't have her cell phone with her that morning - thank God I did...but with or without our cell phones, we obviously had the best wireless connection on the beach that morning - good thing for Thomas the lines were open.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today is my Dad's 79th birthday...who knew?!  He's in great health and shape...would never know he was 79 by looking at him - good job Mom! Happy Birthday Dad!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Afton Place- Friday April 20th

If you're in the vicinity of Portsmouth, VA, come join me Friday April 20 (that's this Friday!) at Afton Place located at 86 Afton Parkway. I'll start around 7pm. Contact Jose Morelos for more info: 757-966-9626 or email

See ya Friday!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Spring has sprung at least a month ahead of the usual schedule in the Outer Banks: butterflies in February, soft shell crabs in summer schedule for the most part is up...still have openings for living room concerts & weddings if you're in the area.

Had a great time at the Nags Head Links Players Grill on Saturday - good folks & people, beautiful view of the sound & Mother Natured supplied a nice sunset.
Masses were packed at Holy Redeemer for Easter Sunday services...where do they all come from?? We're glad all could join us...& we say thank you to all the volunteer ministers who helped during the mass. Summer mass schedule will begin Memorial Day weekend Saturday May 26.
I am really excited about a new CD project I've started work on...more to come as it evolves!