Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

life gets in the way

I don't understand why the first words out of someone's mouth who I haven't seen in a few weeks or months is "you're staying busy, aren't you?" I can't imagine they've checked my web site knowing that I haven't BLOGGED since JUNE when all you-know-what broke to recap we had a great Christian Music Summer Concert Series and raised $2000 which was split between our local FOOD BANK & ICO (Interfaith Community Outreach). It was a terrific mix of musicians from many different faith based communities and I'm am so proud of the fact that our audiences got what we were doing and rose to the occasion! Thank you to those who came once or every week for your support of our musicians and the cause!

I love the summer here in OBX because I get to see so many familiar faces and meet many new folks all while doing what I love to do: music - weddings, festivals, restaurant gigs, private parties, church. It only takes 2 months to clear my desk of all the paper work that has to wait until you all go home!...hence the tardiness of this entry. I was in MD & PA 2 weeks ago (ST Peter's in Hancock MD, a retirement party for Bill somewhere near Williamsport PA & a living room concert for Jean & Frank in Millville PA)...if I can't sing here I'll come to you! Next week I'm off to Wilmington DE for the Nativity Preparatory School Benefit at Tatnall School where the Nativity Prep Boys Choir will make their debut singing with me - you don't want to miss this night! Also joining me will be the string ensemble and the girls choir (lovingly referred to as my Divas) from Tatnall High. Then off to St Paul's Luthern Church, Ardmore PA and Seaford DE Church of the Nazarene...December takes me south to Florida with hopefully some stops along the it! Where would I be without my GPS! Check the web calendar for all the venue info and COME!
The only difficult part of all this is when life gets in the ball playing buddy Tigger of 11+ years died the end of September from cancer...if you have a 4 legged fury angel, give him/her lots of love every day because as with any living gift, when they're gone, they're gone...Tigger & I were bonded from the moment I stepped out of the truck & she jumped in my lap as a lost 4 month old pup...we played ball every day...she had that "poster puppy" face and an ever-ready battery bunny outlook on life...and I miss her~
The dog on my web site, handsome Hogan, is 13 and has cancer as well...if you've ever been a care taker, you know what is going on in my world...
but...I have lots to be thankful for, including my own health and the daily miracles in my life...and people who I see every so often who ask "you're staying busy aren't you?"
Thank God yes I am...and thank you for asking...