Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summertime, summertime...

catching up here...thank you to all for your support of the Nativity Preparatory School benefit concert May 27 and special thank you to all our musicians who gave their time and talent: our church choirs, Leslie Erickson (Club Violin), Shannah Noble, Bill Rea, George Graham, Bill Downing, Cheryl Needham...thanks to Doug Leal on sound (OBX-PA), Susan Cheney and crew. We gave the school rep, Deb Piper, a check that night for $1500. Next major concert, we hire a production manager!

Our Christian Music Summer Concert Series was kicked off June 14 Monday by the Sojourners Quartet from Elizabeth City ( Randy, Rich, Gwen & Woodie...a great evening had by all!
This past week, Great Day Gospel Ministries ( put on a wonderful program of material from their newest CD Family Tribute. It was Lisa's last concert at the age of 15...Tuesday was her 16th birthday and we wish her a year full of love, laughter and peace! Bill, Brenda, Lisa & Steven (6 year old brother) have a beautiful blend. We hope to have both groups back next year!
My schedule has me as usual all over the map from Corolla down to Avon & everywhere in between! Check out my schedule...join us for the Monday evening programs at Holy Trinity in Nags Head,,,they're free and fun (bring the kids!)...catch me on the decks and stages around town this summer. I am doing living room concerts, retreats, weddings as well...feel free to email or call with questions about scheduling.
On a special note - thank you to the anonymous person who mailed me cash with a note "please accept this $$ for a CD I made a friend using some of your songs." Now I know we all do this but the cold hard fact of the matter is when we do this we are actually depriving the writer of the tune of the ways writers get paid is by the song/cd sold so if we're making free cds for our friends, someone is not getting paid for the gift. The artist also loses money ie if we make a cd for someone, that's one less cd you'll buy right? just food for thought
Look forward to seeing everyone...if you're at a venue, please come say hi!