Sunday, December 12, 2010

our military

If you have not viewed the recent youtube clip on my site or youtube, please do but have a box of tissues handy. This was put together my my media/graphics manager Barbara Roche. I have not been a shout-out-loud "support our troops" kind of person, but this video really puts all in perspective especially at this time of year. I have the utmost respect for our troops - I don't know how they do what they do but I am evermost grateful for the life they provide me. This was sent to me via email this morning from a viewer: "This means so very much to me. My very best friend and the man I love went into the army not long ago. I never thought I'd see the day that he wouldn't be by my side, but that day did come and much too soon and long, long before I was ready. I love you MQD. I'm proud of you and I always will be. Thank you for serving the US."

I will try to show this video at all my performances as a "thank you" to those who have served and those who continue to answer the call of duty. If you have a loved one serving, I pray their team of angels is working overtime.