Thursday, April 22, 2010

Christian Music Summer Concert Series

I am sooo excited...we have some great music already booked for this summer's program! This year we are running it EVERY Monday evening at Holy Trinity in Nags Head 7pm starting June 14: Sojourners Quartet from Elizabeth City, Great Day Gospel Trio from Central FL, Rev. Leslie Buck from Hatteras, rap artist NOTE, Praise & Worship Band from Jarvisburg Church of Christ...just to name a few...yeah the spirit is gonna be kickin' the roof in at Holy Trinity this's free, bring the family...relax & have fun! What better way to spend a Monday eve while on vacation...renew your spirit at the beach with some goood Christian music!

May 27 Concert of Hope 2010

This concert benefits the Nativity Preparatory School for inner city boys 5-8th in Wilmington DE and is shaping up to be a very fun evening. The Holy Redeemer Choir will be opening the show along with 1 or 2 other choirs from our church...& I've asked several of my musician buds to join me: Leslie Erickson (Club Violin) Shannah Noble (Outer Banks Showcase 2009), Cheryl Needham (Keyboards), Chip (yes from Chip's Wine & beer market! on harmonica),Bill Rea (bass & vocals), Bill Downing (bass) and other guests will be popping up between no & then...Thursday May 27 (Memorial Day weekend). Get a jump start on a long deserved weekend & join us! Tickets go on sale after all masses at Holy Redeemer & Holy Trinity, wherever I'm performing and at the door $10 in advance, $12 at the door.


Kim’s gift of song is fresh, vibrant and effervescent. From the first moment she walks on stage the audience knows that a something different is about to happen. Kim does this with song yes, but more so by her engaging and scintillating person. She invites the audience not only to listen to music, but live each note and lyric. By concert’s end, her listeners leave renewed and wanting more. I recommend that anyone who needs to see life with joyous and happy eyes come hear Kim. It’s a real experience.

FR. Richard DeLillio, OSFS President of Nativity Prep Wilmington DE.

Last night’s concert was pretty darn awesome! Thanks for the honor and pleasure!

Holy Redeemer Choir Concert of Hope ’09

I don't think I have the words to describe your concert did GOD proud. You voice filled the room Kim and it was just beautiful. You totally delivered and made this evening a very special one. CD, VA :Concert of Hope

The Concert of Hope at Holy Redeemer was successful. In fact, it was filled with miracles, in fact it was awesome! We raised approximate $1500.00 in ticket sales, $104 from the 50-50 and oh by the way, a parishioner has offered to match the final you should see at least $3000 from the Outer Banks Nativity Scholarship fund by midweek.

Kim's performance was inspired. I would strongly recommend that you find a venue for her in your area and turn her loose!

Susan Cheney Chair for Concert of Hope ’09

I can’t imagine anyone experiencing a performance by Kim Kalman and not wanting to hear more. She is an amazing talent and has a special gift for making her audience feel like they are a part of the show.

There are some singers who can sing certain genres and can’t step out of that arena. Kim is not one of those artists. She can sing any type of music and make it her own. She has a unique way of touching the hearts in her audience in so many ways and on so many levels. You cannot leave a Kim Kalman performance without feeling good!

Nativity Preparatory School was blessed to have Kim perform a benefit concert for us in Wilmington, Delaware this past Friday evening, November 13, 2009. At the end of the concert, the audience was on its feet as Kim left the stage. It became difficult to end the evening, as audience members spent time in the theater lobby chatting with Kim as she graciously signed her CDs for them. Later that night and throughout the next day, I received calls from attendees reporting how much they loved the concert and were already looking forward to the next. We thank Kim for making the trip to Wilmington and sharing her gift of music with all of us! What a wonderful way to spend an evening!

They LOVED you!! While I was out, I also got some calls on my cell from some who attended and they, too, were so impressed with you! I already have volunteers who want to help with promotion of the event next year.

Deb Piper Director of Development Nativity Prep School Concert of Hope '09

Thank you again for the long drive to Delaware and sharing your accomplished songs and songwriting with us at Tatnall.

My students clearly received a big ‘kick’ from singing with you on stage tonight.

Wilson Somers

Choral Director/Music Coordinator

The Tatnall School

Lighthouse Center Benefit:

Maybe it was the inspirational atmosphere or the audience or whatever, but I thought that the tone and clarity of your voice was the best that I have ever heard from you. You are always great in my opinion, but that night your voice was at its prime. GM, NC

You were wonderful last night and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful gift of soul filled (Holy Spirit), music that you gave to the folks that came to the concert. I know you have a growing fan base in our area. I think you should consider booking another benefit concert for us next year!!!!!

Teresa Stanley – Board member for The Lighthouse Center

Good Morning Kim!

I have been on a high since Friday night's event. Just getting back on computer today. Dan and I have Moonlight on now and thoughts of Friday are flowing. Love this CD!

I was at Social Service's big thank you event last night and saw about 10 of the guests from your concert, including unexpectedly, the birthday couple, Ruth and Dan who were with the same friends. Everyone was still speaking of the concert and so appreciative of the music and fun of the night. Others around heard about it and they were sorry that they did not attend. I told them next time....

The Art Journal women loved you and the night. This will be a memory of a lifetime for them. The anticipation of coming gave them hope and light in their darkness and also made them feel a part of something very important.

Kim, thank you so much not just for your time, but the gift of the music and the spirit which is so wrapped around and through you and your music. Such a gift to me and others!

Truly renews me, as I get so frustrated with all the pain and societal wrong doing I see daily and wonder where God is sometimes in my impatience to get things speeded up a bit!... and then Friday night there God was flowing out of a 'Daughter' sitting on a stool with a guitar, lifting everyone in the room. Then we all wished time would stand still for a little longer.

Again, thanks for the music, the conversation and the spirit.

Blessings to you always Kim.


Deborah Maloney, Director

The Lighthouse Center

Volunteers of America, Chesapeake. Inc.

825-18th Street

Virginia Beach, VA 23451

757-437-4911(o) 757-437-4864 (F)

To Whom It May Concern:

t is my pleasure to recommend Kim Kalman to you. Kim has lent her musical skills to perform in various charity events I have directed. Kim is a crowd pleaser. She sets the appropriate tone for any event.

Kim has a warm, beautiful lyrical voice that combines well with a fine interpretive, dramatic and musical sense.

Her vocal technique is flawless throughout her performances. She's an intelligent singer and sensitive to the nuances written by the composer. She is a consummate musician and is always fully prepared for her performances. Kim boasts a lovely appearance and persona on stage. Our audiences have responded to her artistry with high enthusiasm and deep emotion.

She is an Outer Banks treasure in every way.

Carl V. Curnutte III

The Lost Colony

Executive Director & Producer

252-473-2127 ext. 227 + 757-880-7847 cell

what people are saying about I LOOK TO YOU

I can not find the words to tell you how beautiful this song is..It made me cry...What a beautiful job you did on this. It makes you feel like reaching up and giving GOD A BIG HUG. CD, VA (Psalm 62 Only in God)

OH YEAH !! That is rockin hot..I love the arrangement and your voice is amazing. CD, VA (closer walk)

I loved this!!! K Henry (closer walk)

fabulous! CB, FL

So very beautiful. I love your voice. This is a song that reaches in and touches your heart and makes the tears flow. CD, VA (I look to you)

I loved it! RS, NC (closer walk)

WOWSA!!!!!! We all loved it - it is goose bumpifying! Holy Redeemer Church staff, NC

Wow! It is great! Now that I have heard the cd all the way through many times I can really appreciate how incredible it is. It really is a powerful cd. DE, VA

Where to begin with the new CD "I Look to You"--- With your lovely voice,? With your vocals and style with some of my favorite hymns? With your selection of songs? I started out listening to KIM but was very soon wrapped up in the message of God's Grace that your amazing voice brought forth.

"I Look to You" presents comfort, hope, love, praise and invitation all in one small package. Often, as I listened to it, I had tears in my eyes and, then, with a song change, I was tapping my foot with joy for all God offers us if we accept His Love.

Thank you for such a beautiful Easter present--"I Look to You". God will surely bless you for praising Him with your singing and sharing your faith in Him with others.

I've listened to this CD so many times while I've been cleaning the cottage that I'm sure you will be the one singing these particular songs in my mind every time I hear them from now on! Wonderful,, huh! I thought " Moonlight" was my favorite but it has been pushed into second place by this new CD. ME, VA

I’ve listened to I Look to You Many, Many times!! I LOVE IT!! Just when I think you can't get any better--------you definitely do!! NK , VA

Yeah! We recieved your new CD, I Look to You, today, It is absolutely brilliant. The children and I listened to it during home school lessons today. We did get a little side tracked by singing along...but we do need to study music. I'm listening to it now and I have my CD player set for Thank you for sharing the gift God has given you! The Bakers, MD

Each song is so beautiful and grabs your heart. This has GOD all over it.. Wow!! I love it

The back ups are awesome! GOD's spirit is in this CD I can feel it. This CD makes you want to just lift it all up to GOD..WOW !! CD, VA

you really did it this time..... i can hear it through your voice.....what a blessing. JS, VA

Friday, April 16, 2010

catching up...

I know I haven't blogged since Feb...& you're just waiting with baited breath to find out what I've been off my desk, mixing & remixing the new CD which was finally released Easter weekend...I LOOK TO YOU has been getting wonderful reviews from those who have purchased it...thank you!! My taxes were done & then redone because I had switched from PC to MAC & didn't quite figure out all the ins & outs of Quicken on MAC...then there's my dog Tigger...she's had knee issues complicated by Cushings's been a bit stressful but she is a trooper and is my little miracle pup!

Had a great Saturday in VA last week ...actually had breakfast with my friends from way back before heading off to sing at a beautiful wedding on the James in Richmond & then went to Williamsburg for the ground breaking of St Olaf's Church new church ...celebrated mass with the now retired Bishop Sullivan and then did a show...good to be back in the Burg and wonderful to see old friends and meet some new ones...thanks to Nancy & Frank for all their work in putting everything for the day together! This is my buddy Eric Jones...Eric's dad is a musician so he was watching my fingers & listening intently! Thanks Robin (his Mom) for the photo!
April 30th is my next trip to Virginia for a visit and concert with the parish of Church of the Redeemer in Mechanicsville (see my web calendar for address).
May 27 will be a benefit here at Holy Redeemer in OBX for the Nativity Prep School in Wilmington DE. Joining me will be Leslie Erickson from Club Violin, Bill Rea on bass & vocals, Shannah Noble on violin & vocals, keyboardist Cheryl Needham, Bill Downing on bass, the Holy Redeemer choir and TBA other musical guests. Should be a wonderful evening...come join us!
I've also started scheduling the Christian Music Summer Concert Series...every Monday eve at Holy Trinity in Nags Head (across from KFC/TACO BELL) 7pm. I'll keep you posted on who will be joining us.
I'm still working on the summer restaurant schedule. So far I'm at Tale of the Whale on Thursdays & Bagels to Beef and Froggy Dog on Weds, a few dates in Manteo, Duck and Corolla...keep an eye on the web calendar for additions.
Can't wait to see everyone!