Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oct 2014 ...finally!

Someone visiting recently reminded me that I hadn't "blogged" in awhile - it seems the last blog was Feb - which is about when the idea of doing another project came to mind and I was wisked away into the frenzy of the studio: rehearsals, song selection, production, graphics, printing and of course I was also scheduling the summer at the same time so forgive me if it seems to have been placed on the back burner - during the summer I spent more time on Facebook ...but I back!  

This summer's bookings included the Dream Wedding for the Outer Banks Wedding Association pictured here with Leslie Erickson from Club Violin - when you don't see me at the 5pm mass at Holy Redeemer on Saturday nights, this is what I'm usually doing: a wedding.  This wedding was at the Whalehead Club in Corolla - beautiful day!

and this is another wedding with another violinist, Beth Argiro -  on the beach - I love my job! 

and for those who were a part of the Christian Music Summer Concert Series by way of donating time and talent or by donating their treasure to the love offering which was donated in turn to the Beach Food Pantry and Interfaith Community Outreach (ICO), above is a photo that recently ran in the local Outer Banks paper, the Coastland Times: Jennifer Albanesee, Exec Dir. of ICO, yours truly and Kathy McCullough-Testa, Exec Dir. of the Beach Food Pantry (just named non-profit of the year).
This was the summer we surpassed my goal of $10,000 since inception in 2009 (this was our 6th summer) - $10,732 has been split equally between the 2 charities - doing what we are called to do - give back to the community - I am honored and proud to be a member! thank you participating musicians, sponsors & supporters!!

It's alway great to see everyone when the sun is shining - if you visited the Outer Banks, thanks for brightening my summer!

I have a few out-of-town bookings scheduled - if I'm coming your way or even if I'm not coming your way and you'd like to schedule a LIVING ROOM CONCERT or FUNDRAISER or CHURCH EVENT (or wedding), please contact me via email kim@kimkalman.com or phone/text: 252-489-8724 and let's schedule a date!  Heading north, south & west in the next few months so I'm looking forward to singing for you and your family, friends and/or organization.

Copies of HOSEA are still available - order here or via mail (see the web site for more info).

See ya on the road!