Tuesday, July 8, 2008

another day at the beach!

well today was filled with old and new friends...at both the Beach Bread Company and Miller's Waterfront...great to see all, thanks for coming!

all and all it was a beautiful day...even when the storm moved in the clouds were awesome...some lightning, some thunder, lots of wind, a little rain, a rainbow, an egret getting caught in some hung fishline (to keep the birds away...Brian!!) and then the rescue efforts by yours truly...got ole Lucky untangled but not before he practically bit my head off (somebody took pictures!)...but he did fly back around the deck honking (I've never heard an egret honk!)as he went by as if to say thanks...& then he caught a fish & swallowed it infront of us to say "I'm ok" after I said "his neck has a kink in it" and flew off into the sunset...literally...another night in the Outer Banks...it's 11pm so if you'll excuse me I have to wash the egret spit off my face...