Sunday, February 9, 2014

the LOVE month

Yesterday at church I was reminded of Valentine's Day when I  saw the woman's group members wearing their red glittering homemade hearts..."of course I have one, it's in my desk drawer" and now it's on my desk....I'll wear it this week, maybe it will remind someone who forgot...

 I had a great road trip to Southport NC for a living room concert, and a workshop and liturgy @ St Brendan's Church in Shallotte, NC.  Great seeing friends from way back (you know who you are!) and meeting new ones - thanks to all who brought those gatherings together!
Enjoyed family time in Florida w/my folks and both my sisters - even got to watch the Super Bowl!
and another terrific weekend at the First Presbyterian Church in Auburndale - again spending time w/friends from even further back than I can remember and meeting new smiling faces at Saturday's dinner party and Sunday's service.
Next road trip is Valentine's Day Feb 14 to VA Beach for the Lighthouse Center Volunteers of America fundraiser 7pm @ Holy Family Church - see my web site calendar for more info.
Feb 21 Friday Deltaville VA 7pm fundraiser for the Volunteer Fire Dept - again my web site calendar has more info
communities coming together to show their love and support for each other....
you have a few days to remember who to show love and support....
to all who are reading this - thank you for your love and support - consider yourself loved back!
Happy Valentine's

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